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Martin Clausen appointed as Technical Manager, Nordic



New appointment at FMC
Technical Manager, Nordic

FMC Agricultural Solutions strengthens its presence in the Nordic region and welcomes Martin Clausen as Technical Manager, Nordic.

From the 1st February 2022, FMC has appointed Martin Clausen as Technical Manager, Nordic. With Martin’s accession, FMC  intends to expand and strengthen its presence across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

As Technical Manager, Martin will be responsible for technical consultancy and further development of FMC's portfolio of products in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Martin will be part of FMC's Nordic team with close corporation across borders. In addition to the technical responsibility of the Nordic region, Martin will participate in the present and ongoing development of FMC’s biologicals.

Martin has many years of experience within the plant protection industry, including a master’s degree in agriculture and more than 25 years of experience with technical consultancy in plant protection, among others at another crop protection company and most recently as an agronomist in the danish advisory service, Østdansk Landboforening.

As a starting point Martin will work from his home office, but he will also be present at selected trade fairs and field days in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Martin will report directly to Michael Petersen Rose, Commercial Lead, Nordics.

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